Sympa is an outside music festival in Tome started in 2008. It is our 10th year to hold this event at this Noh stage, “Mori-butai”. The stage has some Japanese vases down the floor that is used efficiently to improve the sound echo of the stage. Also, our professional sound team gives you the most satisfying sound experience at our open-air live stage. Sympa is for any generations that anyone from kids to elder people are enjoying this event every year using their full senses. Please join this amazing event!

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Traditional Performing Arts Museum Moributai

This Noh stage, which is affectionately known as Moributai, opened in 1996 as the home stage for Toyoma Noh (Toyomano) and boasts nearly 300 years of history and tradition. Moributai has a clean-cut form which is surrounded by rich nature; it was built on the foot of the mountain of the former Tome-Date family’s blacksmith (gunsmith) mansion ruins. The architect of this structure is Kengo Kuma. The picture on the mirror panel was created by Hiroshi Senju, a Japanese painter. The exhibition room was created by art director Kenya Hara. This structure won the Architectural Institute of Japan Award in 1997.

» "Moributai" Official Website


By Bus

From the "Sendai City Hall" stop or the "Sendai Station (formerly the Sakurano Department Store)" stop take the Higashi Nippon Express bus to "Toyoma General Branch" stop. The bus ride is 1 hour and 37 minutes. From the bus stop it is about a 6-minute walk to the venue.
» Higashi Nippon Express Toyoma Bus Time Table

By Car

  • 7 minutes from the Toyoma IC exit on the Sanriku Expressway.
  • There are 200 free parking spaces available. Please refer to the map below.

By the Tohoku Shinkansen Line

  • Tokyo Station - Kurikoma Kogen Station ...... 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Sendai Station - Kurikoma Kogen Station ...... 26 minutes
  • Morioka Station - Kurikoma Kogen Station ...... 54 minutes
  • The parking lot is about 5 minutes away from the venue.
  • The parking lot is free for ticket holders.
  • Please follow the directions of the parking staff.