Sympa is an outside music festival in Tome started in 2008. This year, we will have a limited number of entrance up to 300, with broadcasting Live Streaming. It is our 7th year to hold this event at this Noh stage, “Mori-butai”. The stage has some Japanese vases down the floor that is used efficiently to improve the sound echo of the stage. Also, our professional sound team gives you the most satisfying sound experience at our open-air live stage. Sympa is for any generations that anyone from kids to elder people are enjoying this event every year using their full senses. Please join this amazing event!



Open 10:00 / Start 11:00 / End 17:55


“Mori butai”

Traditional performing Arts center​


Broadcasting Live streaming



CHAN-MIKA acoustic set


Hanah Spring
Yota Kobayashi, Shinju Kobayashi, Toshiyuki Mori, Takashi Numazawa

Toshizo and Happy Cats

Keyco with Sympa SP Band



Admission to place

Advanced ticket

JPY 7,500 (Incl. 1 food)

  • Reserve your ticket with our order form.
  • Payment at the entrance on the event day.
  • With filling your personal information including your contact number.


JPY 8,000
* Up to 300 persons

Free ticket

for under high school students.

Broadcasting Live streaming
JPY 3,000

For our visitors In case of another emergency statement declared before the date

  • The cancelation or some changes for the event would be decided. Check out our official site, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the further information.
  • No pre-order ticket available. Ticket reservation by the order form only (Payment on the event day), with filling your personal information including your contact number.
  • Not acceptable those who don’t feel well.
  • Wear your own mask but depending on the weather and the temperature concerning heatstroke.
  • Keep the social distancing.
  • Dipper changing and nursing space for your baby.
  • The event will be held in rain.
  • Free parking (5 mins walk to the site).
  • No outside food or drink allowed.
  • Photography is prohibited at place.
  • Can not re-enter.

Our responsibility for coronavirus prevention

  • Limited number of people (Up to 300 persons only, which is half number of the maximum site capacity).
  • Minimum staff members.
  • Temperature checks for fever with thermal imaging at the entrance.
  • Sanitizers(75% alcohol) at the site.
  • Clean restrooms.